Which Keller Williams Logo is Right For Your Business Card?
Keller Williams Real Estate Traditional Logo
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As a Keller Williams real estate agent, you now have a choice between two logos for your Keller Williams business cards. The Traditional Logo If … Continue reading

Three Creative Ways to Use Keller Williams Rubber Stamps
Keller Williams Return Address Rubber Stamps
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Sure, you could use a Keller Williams rubber stamp to quickly and economically add a return address to your correspondence, but wouldn’t you like to … Continue reading

How Should I Use My Keller Williams Real Estate Flyers?
Five Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Flyers
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Five Basic Ways to Use Keller Williams Real Estate Flyers There is no limit to the number of ways you can use real estate flyers … Continue reading

A “S.M.A.R.T.E.R.” Approach to Your Direct Marketing
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When planning your marketing, you should have a plan.. the smarter, the better! Marketing that utilizes the acronym “S.M.A.R.T.E.R.” will help you achieve results, save … Continue reading

Get Extra Marketing Muscle From Your Real Estate Brochures
Beef Up Real Estate Brochure Marketing
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Traditional Uses of Your Real Estate Brochures Obviously, you want to have your real estate brochures available for your information packets, to mail to prospective … Continue reading

How to Overcome Awful Furniture When Staging and Marketing a Home
Overcoming Awful Furniture when Staging a House for Sale
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Let’s face it, some homes need a decorator more than they need your services as a real estate agent! So, what should you do with … Continue reading

Direct Mail 101: Simple Postcard Marketing Tips
How to Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out
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Want to create an effective real estate postcard? Then, keep it simple. The idea is to capture the recipient’s attention, before they toss your card … Continue reading

Are You Tracking Your Marketing?
Track Your Marketing Results
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You put quite a bit of time and money into your marketing. The best way to save both is to know what works and what isn’t … Continue reading

How to Create Marketing Postcards That Work
Direct Marketing Postcards that Work
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There’s a reason that the postcard format is still alive — even in the digital age. Good ones are a quick snapshot that offers a … Continue reading

Real Estate Leverage in a Seller’s Market
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The landscape has changed in real estate. A few short months ago, buyers were the part of the real estate equation with all the power. … Continue reading