Are You Tracking Your Marketing?

Track Your Marketing ResultsYou put quite a bit of time and money into your marketing. The best way to save both is to know what works and what isn’t helping grow your customer base. Then, your next steps are easy: 1.) Maximize what works and 2.) Eliminate the non-performers.

You should be tracking the results of all your marketing campaigns. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an easy way to measure the success of your efforts?

You do:  Ask. Every single time someone contacts you ask them, “How did you find out about me?” or “Where did you find out about me?”

Tracking doesn’t have to be a chore. Your comparison system can be as easy as a spreadsheet on your computer’s desktop (for easy access, so you won’t forget to record) or a simple pad of paper on your desk (with the campaign names and tally-marks beside each one) to record the responses your clients offer. Yes, it’s THAT simple.

Keep your marketing tracking “system” in place for three months and notice the trends.

If you find a real estate postcard campaign, an email campaign, a classified ad that is particularly successful… you want to repeat it. If you are pouring money into marketing and it’s showing no response, then it’s time to try a different approach.

Don’t blindly follow what a marketing “expert” or advertising salesperson tells you, collect your own data and you will KNOW what works.