Real Estate Leverage in a Seller’s Market

The landscape has changed in real estate. A few short months ago, buyers were the part of the real estate equation with all the power. Today, sellers rule. Buyers are outnumbering the available houses and sellers houses are commanding prices above what they are asking. Multiple offers are more of an exception than a rule. As a real estate agent, it’s time to leverage the new real estate market to your advantage and we can show you how! Now is the time to access all those homeowners who tried to sell when the market was tough for them. They may have given up after their houses stayed on the market for months without any results. Research the houses that didn’t sell and approach those owners to see if they are still interested in selling. You can approach them in person, or you can create a postcard campaign to reach out to even more potential sellers. Consider the reasons that selling now would be of benefit to them:

  1. Reduced number of showings (buyers are anxious to buy now)
  2. Short time on the market
  3. Higher sales prices

Communicate these facts to your potential sellers. With the changes in the market, they will not have the difficult experience they had when they tried to sell earlier. With the number of buyers you have looking for houses now, you probably have a selection of pre-qualified, anxious buyers who are willing to buy today. If you do, this is information your potential sellers need to know. You can create a postcard campaign today to begin finding your listing clients. And while other agents are struggling to find houses for their clients, you will have clients with the houses they seek! You can create your new postcard campaign for securing listings from formerly frustrated sellers on If you have any questions about designing your postcards, call us at 1-866-763-8720. We are always happy to help!