Get Extra Marketing Muscle From Your Real Estate Brochures

Beef Up Real Estate Brochure Marketing

Traditional Uses of Your Real Estate Brochures

Obviously, you want to have your real estate brochures available for your information packets, to mail to prospective buyers and sellers, to hand to your clients in person, and to have on display in your office for them to peruse. You may also plan to work with local industry to assist them with their relocation information packets and your brochures (both general information brochures and specific property brochures) would help you to locate those potential new clients moving into the area.

Brochures have always offered a physical, tangible way to transfer your information into the hands of existing and potential clients. But wouldn’t you like to get EXTRA bang for your marketing buck? Would you like to have little to no additional cost to help share this information? We thought so! Here are a couple ways to beef up your real estate marketing brochures!

Add Brochures to Your Website!

Utilizing a high quality scan of your brochure as a PDF on your website will allow you to show and tell online with your professional real estate brochures. If you decide to offer these on your website, you need to incorporate the decision into your social media marketing as well!

Spread the Word with Social Media

Utilize a shortened URL to make it easy to share the link to your brochure on various social media platforms. You can use a URL shortening service to track the number of clicks that each social media platform receives (by making a different URL for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or any other platform where you are active).

I would recommend since it allows a custom link rather than one that contains gibberish. Compare$ to a custom link (and thus more keyword and search friendly) like or

There is every reason to incorporate your print marketing and your digital marketing into a coordinated effort with complementary information. You want your clients to find you in every way they find convenient. Where ever they are, you want your information to be there! And the more coverage you can get with each of your marketing tools, the less your marketing costs per client reached. Print-Digital coordination is essential to low-cost, high impact real estate marketing success! provides print and marketing solutions for real estate agents. We offer online design and print marketing solutions. If you need information about our flyers and brochures or other marketing products and services, call us at 1-866-763-8720. We are here to help you succeed in every type of real estate market!