Direct Mail 101: Simple Postcard Marketing Tips

How to Make Your Direct Mail Stand OutWant to create an effective real estate postcard? Then, keep it simple. The idea is to capture the recipient’s attention, before they toss your card away with all the other mail they received that day. One way to help you do that is to be the “big fish in a small pond” when your potential client picks up the day’s mail. A little pre-planning will help you with that.

Clear the Competition

Time your postcard to arrive in the middle of the week: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, the lightest mail days of the week. Less competition means more visibility for your direct mail piece and less distraction. The end result is that your postcard is more likely to be saved and/or reviewed and less likely to be tossed without consideration.

Test the Delivery Times

If you don’t know how long it will take to mail a postcard in bulk, talk with your postmaster. Then test the information you receive with a single mailing — and make sure to add your own address and a couple others that you can use to test mailing times.

Deliver Based on Your Discoveries

Schedule your bulk mailings based on the delivery times in your area. Always include yourself in your mailings so you can constantly test the delivery lag and adjust your direct mail timing accordingly.

The first step to a successful direct marketing campaign is to make sure your postcard is seen — not just lost in the sea of other mail your potential customer receives.