How Should I Use My Keller Williams Real Estate Flyers?

Five Ways to Improve Your Real Estate FlyersFive Basic Ways to Use Keller Williams Real Estate Flyers

There is no limit to the number of ways you can use real estate flyers to promote your Keller Williams real estate business, your listings, and your service area. You are only limited by your own creativity. If you want a few pointers, you can begin with these five basic uses:

  1. Promote Several of Your Latest Listings
  2. Advertise an Upcoming Open House
  3. Announce “Just Sold” Properties
  4. Showcase Features of a House that are Unique to the Property (or those that are unusual as compared to similar properties in the area)
  5. Promote Amenities in the Neighborhood, Subdivision or Surrounding Area

Five Creative Ways to Use Keller Williams Real Estate Flyers

If you want to get a little more creative with your Keller Williams real estate flyers, you might want to consider:

  1. Use them as an entry point to your social media platforms
  2. Use them to educate about hot topics like: short sales, foreclosures, and reducing tax liability
  3. Use them as an entry point to photo galleries online (perhaps of a new park, or a new subdivision or new condo complex, depending on your Keller Williams real estate niche!)
  4. Use them as an invitation to view your Keller Williams “home maintenance” videos on your website
  5. Create an Infographic on how to upgrade or renovate something around the house in a weekend.

How to Distribute Your Flyers: Five Quick Ways

  1. Mail them to your Keller Williams farm list
  2. Include them in Keller Williams real estate relocation packages
  3. Send them to the HR department of local industries
  4. Get them added to tourism packages and/or local economic development packages
  5. Distribute them from your Keller Williams brokerage offices

No matter how you use your real estate flyers, be sure to include visible contact information and a compelling call to action to have the reader DO something – whether it be call you for additional information, to request more flyers in the Keller Williams series you have created, to follow you on your social media platforms, or to view more information on your Keller Williams website.

If you want more information about how to use Keller Williams real estate flyers to improve your marketing muscle, call us at 866-763-8720! If you want an economical, fast and easy way to create your own Keller Williams branded real estate brochures, visit our online design studio! We want to help you make your marketing matter — to you, to your clients, and to your bottom line!