How to Overcome Awful Furniture When Staging and Marketing a Home

Overcoming Awful Furniture when Staging a House for SaleLet’s face it, some homes need a decorator more than they need your services as a real estate agent! So, what should you do with a house that’s filled with horrid furniture when you have a client that won’t spring for a staging professional?


Eliminate every bit of furniture that’s not essential to showing the house. Your client might discover that a less furniture-filled space will be more attractive, airy, and inviting than one “filled to the brim” with questionable furniture.


Once all pieces that aren’t essential are gone, rearrange what’s left. Pull the furniture away from lining the walls and create conversation areas more central to the room. This will open up the space, add an air of comfort, and make the space more compelling to a potential buyer.

Borrow or Rent

If the furniture your client owns isn’t going to work at all, consider asking the client to invest a little money to rent the minimal needed pieces. You can also borrow pieces if you are lucky enough to have those kind of connections. If all else fails, consider buying couch and chair covers and using tablecloths to hide less than perfect pieces.

It can be a little challenging to offer these suggestions to listing clients, but if you remind them that the idea is to take their personality out of the house to make room for a potential buyer to see themselves in the space, then it’s worth the money and the hassle! provides print and marketing solutions for real estate agents. We offer online design and print marketing solutions. If you need information about our marketing products and services, call us at 1-866-763-8720. We are here to help you succeed in every type of real estate market!