Should You Have Double-Sided Real Estate Business Cards?
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A few years ago, it was a no-no to print additional information on the back of your real estate business card. It created an over-stuffed … Continue reading

Postcards To Drive Traffic To Your Real Estate Blog
Drive Traffic to Your Real Estate Blog
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If you aren’t using your printed material to entice new visitors to your website, you are losing out on a wonderful opportunity to gain new … Continue reading

Show More Than Just The House – Real Estate Positioning Brochures
Schools Information for Real Estate Clients
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If you concentrate in a few primary areas for your real estate business, you should consider selling the “area” as a package while selling individual … Continue reading

Help Clients Turn On the Power of Social Media To Market Their House
Turning on Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Clients
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Sure, it’s your “job” to help your client sell their house, but shouldn’t you offer them every possible advantage? Teaching them how to promote their … Continue reading

End-Of-Year Customer Appreciation Event
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As the year winds down, why not invite the clients you have served to join you in a celebration — in their honor? It will … Continue reading

Return Your Calls!
Return Your Calls to Build Better Relationships
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Communication is the key to building exceptional relationships with your customers and your potential customers. You can spend thousands on your marketing plan and it … Continue reading

Referral Gold: Better Client Relations in 10 Minutes a Day!
Boost client relationships in 10 minutes a day!
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Want a quick and easy trick to boost your client referrals — in only 10 minutes a day? You got it! The 10-Minute Plan for … Continue reading

Put It in Print
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In today’s world of e-blasts, blogs, websites, and digital newsletters, you would think that print advertising is dead. You’d be wrong. In fact, nearly all … Continue reading

Blogging for Realtors
Blog to Boost Real Estate SEO
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Do you want to increase the number of visitors that come to your website? Do you want to stay top-of-mind with prospective customers? Do you … Continue reading

Problem vs. Challenge: It’s all in the Attitude
Problem or Challenge?
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Take a look at the definitions below: problem vs. challenge. How are the words similar? How are they different? Both mention the word “difficulty,” but … Continue reading