“I Love My Job!”
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“I love my job!” It’s not uncommon to hear these enthusiastic words coming from a real estate agent. Whether it’s a seasoned Realtor® or a … Continue reading

Spring is Here!
Spring in the Real Estate Industry
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Spring is finally here. For Realtors®, this means the beginning of your busiest season. There’s a lot going on for you: new listings, open houses, … Continue reading

Anatomy of a Thank You Note
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Everybody likes to hear the words “please” and “thank you,” right? Unfortunately we don’t hear them as often as we should. It’s nice to be … Continue reading

Why Use Public Access TV?
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Broadcasting your very own real estate television show sounds like a pipe dream, doesn’t it? You’d have to have a huge budget and production knowledge, … Continue reading

Cold Calls That Don’t Leave You Cold
Skyrocket your business with smart calls
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It strikes fear in the hearts of many people. It releases feelings of panic and dread. It stops most folks dead in their tracks. It … Continue reading

Here’s A Reason to Smile
Smiling is good for your health
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It turns out the old adage is true: it takes more facial muscles to smile muscles than it does to frown. Smiling can improve personal happiness, … Continue reading

How Should You Talk To Clients? Ask Them!
Client Communications
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These days there are multiple ways to contact and communicate with your clients: a personal cell phone the home phone an office phone a business … Continue reading

Hook ‘Em With a Headline
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When written well, a headline will capture your reader’s attention and make them want to know more. A good headline will intrigue your reader and … Continue reading

Manners Matter: 3 Tips for Handling Technology
Cell Phone Talk
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When you are a real estate professional, your ability to perform professionally is often judged by your ability to be mannerly, even when you are … Continue reading

5 Real Estate Video Ideas To Turn Renters into Buyers
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Blend Print and Digital Marketing If you want to leverage your real estate print marketing, encourage people to visit your website, provide excellent customer service … Continue reading