Put It in Print

In today’s world of e-blasts, blogs, websites, and digital newsletters, you would think that print advertising is dead. You’d be wrong. In fact, nearly all real estate agents still use print advertising as a key part of their marketing plans. In fact, if you’re not doing print advertising, then you are missing a key number of your prospective customers.

Local Reach

The benefit of doing print advertising is that it is local. Demographic information can target the exact towns, neighborhoods and audiences where the printed materials will be seen. For instance, many towns publish a newspaper just for its residents. In many cases that newspaper is free or even delivered on somebody’s doorstep. By advertising in a local paper, real estate agents can market their business to the residents of that town. When you take a look at where to advertise, look no further than the local newspapers.

Take it from the Pros

According to industry experts, successful real estate agents still use traditional print advertising as the bulk of their marketing budget. This includes real estate postcards, mailers, direct mail, and other real estate promotional materials. Recent research shows that agent and broker spending on direct mail will grow to more than $470 million this year. In addition, real estate agents report that direct mail advertising is the best way to reach out to new customers—even more than online media.

Hands-On Marketing

Let’s face it: it’s easy to delete an email or click right past a website. Print advertising offers something that the digital world can never do. Print advertising is tangible–literally. Potential customers can hold your real estate flyer in their hands, use it as a bookmark, or, in the case of a real estate magnet, pop it on their fridge. Think of printed real estate materials as hands-on marketing.

How to Use Print Advertising

Your print ad should always include a professional photo, along with your contact information. It can also include a link to your website. This way, people have many ways to find out about you and reach out to you. Other materials such as a printed newsletter can contain more detailed information about your services. Real estate agents can also use printed newsletters to showcase articles and information that identifies them as an expert in the industry.

Combine Print with Online

By combining your print efforts with your online presence, prospective buyers and sellers will have more opportunities to see your ads and become more familiar with your services. This combination approach will help your customer move from awareness to action.

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