How to Write a Real Estate Sales Letter
How to Write Real Estate Sales Letters
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You just bought your brand new real estate stationery, and it’s time to put it to use to market your services, but where do you … Continue reading

Out-of-the-Box Marketing Techniques
Take your real estate marketing out of the box
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A real estate agent’s basic toolbox consists of business cards, postcards, mailers and marketing materials. Most real estate agents will market themselves with advertisements, networking, … Continue reading

Real Estate Bookmark Ideas: Holiday Helpers
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As the holidays approach, you can become a “savior” of the individuals saddled with the task of pulling together the holiday meals. You can also … Continue reading

Do Promotional Products Work?
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What is a promotional product? A promotional product is any item “used to promote a product, service or company program including advertising specialties, premiums, incentives, … Continue reading

The Holidays Are Coming! Is Your Print Marketing Plan In Place?
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Sure, it’s only October, but the holidays are right around the corner. We want to help you get prepared now to save you money, time, … Continue reading

A Real Estate Brand Full of “Treats”
Real Estrate Treats
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Treat:(noun): 1.  An event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure. 2.  Entertainment, food, drink, etc., given by way of compliment or as an expression of friendly regard. For most of us, a … Continue reading

Get Creative With Real Estate Business Card Stickers!
Business card stickers for creative real estate marketing
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So you want to get creative with your marketing approaches, but you are still on a tight budget? We have just the thing for you! … Continue reading

How to Figure Out Cardstock Thickness for Print Marketing
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Want to know how thick your business cards, postcards, door hangers, magnets or calendars are going to be?’s cardstock and magnets are measured in … Continue reading

Paper: Understanding Weights for Stationery Use
Weights of Paper for Business Stationery
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Most people understand that a description offering a poundage weight on paper indicates the number of pounds that paper weighs for a ream of paper. … Continue reading

Real Estate Bookmark Ideas: Showcase Local Flair!
Promotional Items: Real estate bookmarks
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Are ready to order some new promotional products? Want to stay in your budget, but create something people will like and use regularly? Bookmarks are … Continue reading