The Holidays Are Coming! Is Your Print Marketing Plan In Place?

The holidays are coming, is your marketing ready?

Sure, it’s only October, but the holidays are right around the corner. We want to help you get prepared now to save you money, time, and energy! To dissuade any natural inclination you may have to procrastinate preparing for the holidays… we are reminding you to place all your orders now (before the holiday frenzy hits and you have even MORE on your plate and your calendar.

Plan Ahead for Marketing Success

Place your holiday orders now to keep your own holidays running smoothly and to ensure you don’t miss out on any marketing opportunities this season has to offer. Consider these options to reach out to your clients and your farm list:

You Make the Decision, We Do the Work

If your holiday schedule is already filling up, we can lighten the load. Take advantage of our mailing service to make your holidays hassle-free. Order your holiday cards and postcard campaigns now, upload your mailing lists, schedule when you want them to go out, and we will do the rest. Order now and we will deliver your cards to your clients on YOUR schedule. Wouldn’t “no touch” postcard marketing campaigns be welcome over the holidays?

A Holiday personal touch from you

The holidays are a great time to take a few moments and handwrite a personal thank you to your clients during the last year. Custom note cards are a great way to keep the content short and sweet and easy to write. If you are shy, we even offer suggestions on how to write a note your clients will enjoy receiving.

We know you appreciate your customers and we love ours! We want to show you how much we appreciate you! Savings, service, and encouragement are our way of saying: Thank you for choosing for your printed promotional needs!