Get Creative With Real Estate Business Card Stickers!

Business card stickers for creative real estate marketingSo you want to get creative with your marketing approaches, but you are still on a tight budget? We have just the thing for you!

Consider investing in real estate business card stickers. Sure, you will need regular business cards as well, but anteing up for some of the sticky-backed variety can make it easy to get your name and your information in front of more people.

With the addition of a professional photo on the front, you can also gain a little face-recognition!

Five Creative Ways To Use Real Estate Business Card Stickers:

  1. Use them instead of return address labels. Add your business card sticker to any packages you send and everyone who touches or sees the package will be exposed to your marketing message.
  2. Use them to seal packages. Are you taking in doughnuts to the next community board meeting? Seal them up with one of your stickers! Ditto for cookies taken in for treat day at your child’s school or any other time when you are donating/supporting such events.
  3. Use them to identify your books. Rather than purchasing expensive bookplates, place one of your business card stickers on the inside cover of any books you own or loan. (You may want to place them on any book you plan to donate to the local thrift store as well!)
  4. Civic/church/political potlucks. If you cook or take things into local potluck events and functions, use your business card sticker instead of a plain sticker to identify your serving dish(es). Sticking them on the side of the container, rather than on the bottom.
  5. Donations to silent auctions and events. If you provide one of the prizes for drawings or silent auctions, you can stick your business card sticker directly on the prize where it’s being viewed or place it directly on the table cloth in front of the item. This will prevent your card from being brushed off or accidentally lost during the viewing portion.

And, of course, you can use them like regular business cards and simply hand them out. They will have a different feel, a different texture, than standard business cards.  Visit today to get started.