Building Bridges: Become An Expired Listing Consultant

1. Don’t be negative. People want to surround themselves with happy, upbeat, can-do people. If you are busy saying negative things about the economy, the housing market, or your competition… you lose. You lose their attention, their confidence and their business.

2. Be a problem solver. Your clients want someone that cares about their concerns and challenges. They want someone who not only understands, but can champion their causes.

3. Be their advocate. If you become an advocate for your clients and your potential clients, everyone wins! You win new clients, great referrals and a growing business and they gain a friend and confidant in the real estate business – someone they can trust now and in the future with any questions or concerns they may have about all things real estate.

4. Don’t toot your own horn. Potential clients, despite popular opinion, don’t really care about what you have done for anyone else, unless it proves that you can do something for them. They don’t care if you are the number one agent in the world – it means nothing to them and you are just blabbering on and on about yourself, leaving them to wonder, "What about me?"

5. Consider your audience. When talking to potential clients and when sending marketing postcards to your clients, remember to ask the question, "What’s in it for them? How does this address or solve their problems? How does this show me as their champion and advocate? Why would they want me on their side?" If your marketing postcard doesn’t answer those questions, it’s not a good tool.

6. Offer them something they want for free. You know your farm, your mailing list, your desired clients… consider what they need to know and provide it. Holding onto information serves no one, sharing it will pay huge dividends.

If you know what’s happening in the real estate market for the local area, share that information. Even if things aren’t great, you should offer solutions, not bemoan the negative. If you have home maintenance suggestions for the current season, send that list out. If there are changes to city or local ordinances that will impact people in your farm area, let them know.

And the most important tip:

Become a resource - Share your expertise, your knowledge, and give your potential clients and former clients the benefit of your experience. When you give without requiring anything in return, they will come to you when they have questions.

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