Real Estate Postcard Mailing Services

Want all the details on our high-quality Real Estate Postcard Mailing?

  • Product Name: Real Estate Postcard Mailing
  • Physical Size: Standard: 5.47 x 4.21 inches Large: 8.5 X 5.47 inches
  • Bleed Size: Standard: 5.59 x4.33 inches Large: 8.62 X 5.59 inches
  • Material: 16pt (what does this mean?)
  • Coating: UV Where offered (what does this mean?)
  • Corner Options: Standard
  • Quantity Options: Minimum 200
  • Turnaround Time:  N/A
  • Other Options: Options of uploading a photo, adding a QR code to the front or back of the business card, available as team business cards, photo silhouetting available, product customization available, for a $25 fee we will customize your postcard for you. For a fee of $50 we will design your postcard from scratch. Images such as photo’s, logo’s etc have to be provided by customer.


To be effective, postcard campaigns require regular contact. You already know a postcard marketing campaign will pay dividends. You have every intention of launching that campaign, but when will you find the time?

We can help!

We may not be able to calm that first time buyer, we may not be able to compile and deliver the legal papers your broker needs, we may not be able to deter that other agent in your office from believing it’s your role to do their job (in addition to your own), and we really can’t pick your little one from practice tonight… that’s all up to you. But, what we CAN do is make sure your postcards get out in a regular, timely fashion to boost your marketing while you handle all the sticky situations listed above.

How? Order our beautiful, effective postcards and utilize our convenient automated real estate marketing campaign program to painlessly showcase your service to everyone on your farm list and extend your marketing reach!’s custom designed Real Estate Postcard Mailings get attention. Reach out to potential new clients with post cards printed on heavy 130 pound stock paper with a high-quality UV coating. (None of the flimsy stuff for our clients!) We have over fifty categories of branded designs for you to choose from.

Let us help you make your farm list work for you!