Spring is Here!

Spring in the Real Estate IndustrySpring is finally here. For Realtors®, this means the beginning of your busiest season. There’s a lot going on for you: new listings, open houses, showings, appointments, sold houses, and new referrals. It’s an exciting, yet challenging time. If you do it right, it can be your most successful season yet. So rise up to the challenge, and step up to the plate.

Bring Your “A” Game

Now’s the time to bring your “A” game. Be sure to have a foolproof system to keep yourself organized. Your job can be full of interruptions—while you’re working on a purchase and sale agreement, you may get a call for a new listing. At the same time, a customer may send you an email from your customer asking for advice on pricing their home in this marketplace. Your job is to to be able to be able to juggle these multiple tasks and priorities.

Organization is Key

Plain and simple, you must keep yourself organized. You should already have a system in place to keep track of appointments, phone calls and follow up with customers—not to mention paperwork! You’ve got to learn how to multitask. Just make sure your multitasking is both effective and efficient. Take advantage of small blocks of time. Ten minutes here and there can add up to a lot. While you’re waiting for a customer to meet you at a house, you can send a quick text or check your e-mail. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish in just ten minutes.

Set High Goals

Set your sights –and your sales goals high. Yes, you’ll be busy. But that’s a good thing. Spring is the time to make those numbers jump. Give yourself monthly or even weekly challenges. And then rise up to meet them. Keep your eye on your bottom line. Work hard and play hard. And don’t forget to have fun.

Positive Attitude

It’s true what they say about positive thinking. It works. People are naturally drawn to positive people. Success breeds further success. Take advantage of your momentum. An energetic, enthusiastic Realtor® becomes a fast favorite of customers. Your customers will be more likely to refer you onto their friends and family. Be sure to bring plenty of business cards and “Spring” into action.

Work Those Referrals

So now that your customers are telling others about you and helping you make those connections, it’s up to you to work those referrals. Your goal is to be persistent. Make those phone calls, introduce yourself, and remember to follow up. While your active customers are at the front of your mind, don’t forget about your past customers. Yesterday’s customers (or even last year’s customers) will lead you to tomorrow’s new sales.

Spring Into Action

The sunny weather brings out buyers and sellers alike. Even potential customers who are just “browsing” will stop by an Open House. Something about the Spring brings out thoughts of a new home. So spring into action with the help of Best Print Buy.

Capitalize on Your Busy Season

You can build on your momentum by updating your marketing materials. Create excitement with fresh new business cards eye-catching door hangers, or other real estate promotional products. Happy Spring!

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