Prospecting in the FSBO Market,How to Approach FSBO Clients? Gently...One Postcard At A Time

Reel in the "For Sale By Owner" segment of the market with our FSBO Marketing Postcards. Bait your hook when you offer to take the frustration out of the home selling process and land FSBO clients to add to your listings page.

As you know, FSBO homeowners are usually the independent type. These potential real estate clients need special handling. A helpful, non-pushy approach to first contact is the only way to win them over. Our FSBO Postcards are just the way to let them know you can help.

They don't want you to tell FSBO prospects that they aren’t qualified or able to sell their own home. (Doing so will only turn them against YOU.) You can send out For Sale By Owner postcards to warn them about pitfalls, common misconceptions, and real estate “gotchas.” Do so in a way that proves you want to help them succeed.

Offer other tidbits of information that may lead them to decide (on their own) that this whole “do-it-myself” approach is too cumbersome and time consuming for their tastes.

What FSBO they need a “friend in the real estate business” and that friend should be you. Through a steady relationship-building campaign, you will position yourself as the go-to person when they have questions. Answering their questions is the way to build trust and gain their business.

Building your relationship may encourage a FSBO to list their house with you when their own attempts to sell fail or they become too busy or too disenchanted to continue the process solo. Building a marketing campaign to woo a FSBO will pay when they need to buy a home, and will result in referrals to their friends and family members who are seeking to buy or sell.

The conversation might go something like this: “I know you are selling your house yourself, Joe, but I don’t want to do that. Do you know of any good agents around here?” And, if you have properly assisted the FSBO client you will get a personal referral and continued word-of-mouth marketing.

The payoff may not be instant, but proper prospecting in the FSBO arena with well-focused marketing campaigns will pay off in a big way in the long-term.

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