How to Approach Foreclosure and Short Sale Clients

Set yourself up as a seller’s advocate for those facing foreclosure or short sales. With so many homeowners worried about foreclosure or facing it in the near future, prospecting may mean you decide to specialize in helping your clients avoid the wrenching foreclosure experience by negotiating on their behalf, working in the area of short sales, and advocating for them with the financial institutions and/or mortgage companies.

If this is a niche service you are interested in pursuing, our foreclosure postcard templates make it easy for you to identify and begin building a rapport with those facing or worried about facing foreclosure in the near future.

  • You Facing Foreclosure? (You are not alone and help is here.)
  • What are the options to foreclosure? (There are more than you think, let me help you choose the best one for you and your family)
  • Is Your Mortgage Unmanageable? (There are ways to get relief now…)
  • Overwhelmed by Foreclosure Fears? Need an advocate in YOUR corner?

Becoming the “homeowner’s advocate” for those homeowners facing foreclosure not only builds your business, puts you in a position to help others, and offers you the opportunity for great referrals from thankful clients – it’s a recession-proof area of expertise in the real estate market. Start building your niche services today with’s foreclosure and short sale postcard templates in our online design studio. Customize your message in minutes and send out your first campaign by next week!

Don’t just sit there… find a way to make your business, your services and your clients flourish! We can help!

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