Building Bridges: Become An Expired Listing Consultant

Anyone with an expired listing is going to be suspect of another real estate agent coming in to sell their home for them. They have been there, done that – and the results weren’t stellar.

Your approach will make all the difference when you contact expired listing clients. They probably don’t want to sign a contract with someone else immediately. That’s ok, your expired listing postcard campaign will rebuild their confidence in the real estate industry in general and in YOU in particular.

Consider and advertise yourself to this client group as a consultant, rather than a salesperson. You are here to help them solve their house problem. Sure, you sell houses… but in this case, you are consulting with a nervous client who may have been disappointed because their property was:

1. Improperly priced – you will need to educated them on the current market and how to price a home in their area properly to secure a sale.

2. Not properly maintained and repaired - To sell a home in the current market, a house should be in great shape. There are too many options and too much inventory to let small details prevent a sale.

3. Neglected by the previous agent - effective marketing of the property may not have been done, the “other” agent may have neglected the client and their property for any number of reasons.

Think about it… one agent has already let them down. If you step up, help them solve their problem, concentrate on building a relationship with them, serve as their personal real estate marketing consultant, and help them reach their goal by selling the house… who will they recommend?

Using the real estate listing template system means you can rebuild trust in these particularly skittish clients through our expired listing system, custom designed to help you market to, educate and build a relationship with expired listing clients. It’s a great way to secure clients now and have referrals into the future.

There’s a great opportunity here for you to excel and gain recognition. To an expired listing owner, you already shine in comparison merely by selling the house. Building the relationship so they trust you means they will always call you when they want advice, when they plan to sell or buy real estate in the future, or when they have friends and family that need an agent or advice on buying or selling property. What a wonderful way to build long-term clients and to secure that golden commodity… great word of mouth referrals!

And it all starts with taking just a few minutes to create your first real estate expired listing postcard using our simple online template and our step-by-step consulting system. What could be easier?

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