Should My Real Estate Business Card Have a Dark Background?

There is absolutely no problem with selecting a dark (or bright) background for your real estate business card — as long as you keep the information on that card to a minimum. You need to be aware that dark or brightly colored backgrounds make a big impact. So much impact that too many words and images will compete with the color and create an unsettling feeling in the person viewing the card.

When Choosing Black or Dark Backgrounds for Business Cards

  • Be sure your font is thick and simple enough to be easily read in a reverse color.
  • Minimize or eliminate more than one image, photo or high-impact graphic element.
  • Don’t overload the card with text.

When Using Bright Colors On Business Cards

If you are using a bright colored background, be sure you don’t select a text color that competes or “vibrates” visually with the background color (for instance certain shades of green and red together cause this illusion). For example: Color Combinations to Avoid in Real Estate Business Cards When you are using any impact color, you need to minimize everything else about the card. The amount of information, the complexity of design, even the elaborateness of fonts should be minimal. Basic is better when you are decorating your business card with a bold colored background. Best Print Buy offers many varieties of real estate business cards to represent your individual style and your business savvy. For more information, visit our online real estate business card design studio. We offer templates for many real estate brokerages and franchises including:

… and many more, including Independent Brokerage Real Estate Business Cards. If you have any questions about designing or selecting your best business card style, call us at 866-763-8720. We are here to help make your business life easier!