Best Business Cards: Vertical or Horizontal?

For many years, the ONLY orientation for a business card was horizontal. It’s what was expected. It was natural. it was “as things should be.” Then during the last decade of the last century, some of the more “artsy” types of businesses and individuals started throwing caution to the wind and designing vertical business cards.

At that time, most people were urged NOT to do this, the reason being that it caught people off guard — as if expecting the business card recipient to turn a card 90 degrees was unconscionable. Somehow it was deemed rude.

Then there was the argument that vertical cards would get tossed or ignored because business card “holders” were not made for non-horizontal orientation.

Business Cards: Horizontal Was Then, Vertical is NOW

An interesting thing has happened to business cards lately… they have been turned on end with vigor! It’s no longer the artsy types who do this, it’s no longer those who just like to be different. The fact is our society has moved from a “horizontal” take on data (the standard computer monitor) to a more vertical perspective dozens of times a day (the mobile device — especially the mobile phone).

People, through technology, are more likely to turn things on end than they were before technology became quite so mobile. So, if you are considering a new orientation for your card — do it!

More Important than Business Card Orientation

More important than the orientation of your card is how well it represents you, your real estate business and how beautifully it conveys the message you want and need to send to a potential client. Regardless of the orientation, make sure you are using a good deal of “white” space on your business card and keep things simple and elegant.

If you want to create your new real estate business cards, Best Print Buy offers both horizontal and vertical orientations to meet your needs. Just visit our online design studio and you will have your brand new cards ready to print and ship in a matter of minutes — and they will arrive in just a few days!

Business Cards for Your Brokerage

Here are a few of the brokerages we represent in our business card stock, for your convenience:

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