Real Estate Bookmarks

Want all the details on our high-quality Real Estate Bookmarks?Creative Marketing with Real Estate Bookmarks

  • Product Name: Real Estate Bookmarks
  • Physical Size: Standard: 8.5 x 2.75 inches
  • Bleed Size: Standard: 8.625 x 2.875 inches
  • Material: 12 Pt Heavy Cover (what does this mean?)
  • Coating: UV Where offered (what does this mean?)
  • Corner Options: Standard
  • Quantity Options: 50-1,000 sheets
  • Turnaround Time:  3-7 Business Days (dependent on shipping method selected)
  • Other Options: Product customization available, for a $25 fee we will customize your book mark for you. Images such as photo’s logo’s etc have to be provided by customer. All Images should be of print quality.

Marketing isn’t about shouting or being flashy; it’s about being steadfast, dependable, and always available. A good marketing tool will create an atmosphere of certainty and trust. It will provide the occasional pleasant surprise and will always deliver beyond a client’s expectations.

Why not take this opportunity to promote yourself by giving potential clients something they want, something they will use, something unexpected — that also keeps your business information on it, in view at times when they are most relaxed and open to suggestion?

Your real estate bookmark is one of those popular products because they are an “unexpected” little bonus from you (and your business).

And this little something extra won’t break the budget. can help you find that perfect personal promotional item for your real estate services. Real Estate Bookmarks are an elegant, yet inexpensive marketing option.

Make sure your bookmark is a tastefully designed asset to your marketing plan, not tacky “shouting” billboard. Be sure the front of the bookmark is something that your client will want to see on a regular basis and place your own contact information on the reverse in an attractively designed and easy-to-read font style.’s high-quality bookmarks will keep your name in front of your clients and potential clients with a constant, gentle visual reminder. This is personal promotion at its understated, elegant best.

Start designing your own bookmark in minutes using our online templates. We can have them delivered to you within just a few days!

Visit our blog for real estate advice, tips and news, including approaches to effective Real Estate Bookmark design. Check out our templates for: Real Estate Bookmarks and, if you have any questions about designing your bookmarks (or on marketing in general) call us at 1-866-763-8720. We are here for you.