Write a Great Newsletter

Writing a real estate newsletterThese days, it’s common for real estate agents to send out newsletters to their current and potential customers. Newsletters are a powerful way to build and brand your business. But first, before you consider sending out newsletters, you must put together a strategy and a plan for your newsletter campaign.

Whether it’s a glossy printed newsletter or a quick email blast, newsletters can be an effective way to communicate with customers, share information, and market your services.

Don’t End Up With The Junk Mail!

It’s a waste of time to send out something ends up in the trash bin. Your newsletter is not junk mail! Your goal with a newsletter is to write something that not only people will read, but also something that people actually look forward to reading.

Before You Start

But before you sit down to write a newsletter, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why are you sending out a newsletter? Is it to educate and inform? Is it to stay connected? To market your services? To get referrals?
  • How do make sure that people to read your newsletters?
  • What is that something special that they can find ONLY in your newsletter?
  • What do you want to write about?

Plan Ahead

Map out a calendar of ideas, topics and themes that your newsletter will feature. Spend about two hours to create ideas for each month of the whole year. Most Realtors® choose to send out newsletters once a month. A monthly schedule ensures that you maintain contact with customers without being too intrusive.

What’s it About?

Real estate newsletters can feature a calendar of community events, tips on home improvement, or seasonal themes—it’s up to you. But in order for any newsletter campaign to be effective, it has to be consistent, reliable and professional.

Featured Ideas

Just as magazines feature write about festive holiday entertaining in the winter and vacations in the summer, your newsletter can focus on seasonal themes. For example, a spring and summer newsletter can focus on gardening tips, while a winter newsletter can offer valuable advice about snow removal.

Who’s Your Audience?

Start with the region you represent. Even if you focus on a few small neighborhoods, you will be targeting several hundred people. You can customize your list by doing research on the area. Demographic research will reveal important information like average age, income and education levels. Dig deeper to find out about occupation, number of children (and even pets!) Then, you customize topics that your audience genuinely wants to read.

You Don’t Have to Write It!

If you don’t consider yourself a writer, there are still things you can do. Many real estate agencies have newsletter templates that you can customize to your business and your neighborhood.


An alternative to a written newsletter is a video newsletter, or a video house tour. Film a neighborhood profile and show parks, landmarks, and cultural landscapes.

To sum it up, your newsletter is about your business. If you don’t enjoy doing newsletters, then, no one else will enjoy reading them.

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