Real Estate Bookmark Ideas: Showcase Local Flair!

Promotional Items: Real estate bookmarksAre ready to order some new promotional products? Want to stay in your budget, but create something people will like and use regularly?

Bookmarks are your answer! Putting a decidedly “local” spin on your bookmarks will help you to create promotional items that are both attractive and relevant to what you do.

Here are the steps you need…

Create Local Appeal

Design your bookmark around a local well-known landmark, point of interest or historical figure. What could be better to demonstrate that you know the area and are proud to serve your geography with real estate services? If you are near the ocean, take a great sunset photo at a local beach and label which beach it is. If you have a mountain range in view, capture that!

If your area has a specific architectural style, take photos of and identify the style. (You could create a whole bookmark series from this!) If there is a particularly well-known or interesting form of wildlife in your area (flora or fauna), snap a few good pictures! Let your imagination be your guide and show your knowledge of the area in your real estate marketing!

Create Your Custom Design

Find a good image to decorate the front of the bookmark. Include a quote about the landmark. Select a quote by the person. Define the architectural style. Name the mountain range. Identify the flower or the animal. Use a fitting font style and in a color that makes it easy to read against the background image. Creating a custom bookmark doesn’t have to be difficult — our online custom bookmark design studio makes creating your geography-specific bookmark a snap!

Market Yourself

Be sure to include your own promotional message and contact information on the bookmark. You don’t want a cluttered look, so keep your information to a minimum… and include only your preferred method of contact (don’t list three or four different phone numbers, for instance.) Keep this text to a minimum. Too much is invasive.


Make sure you order enough bookmarks to share. Send them to your farm list, keep a stack on an information table at your brokerage, offer them at any open houses you hold, share them with family and friends. If you have the stock and the time, you can even pursue more creative ways to distribute your promotional bookmarks.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-866-763-8720, we are always here to help you!