5 Creative Ways to Distribute Promotional Bookmarks

Bookmark marketing for real estate agentsYou have created the perfect bookmarks. Your images are stunning, your quote is perfection, your contact information is exacting. It’s just lovely!

Now, how do you get these pretty things in the hands of your would-be clients?

Beyond the normal use of your farm list (never forget to give promotional items to the ones who support you!), you may want to stretch a little further and consider these ideas:

  1. Your Public Library – You can be above board and ask to leave them on the front desk or the reference desk. Or, you can seek out the topics you want to target and actually place some of your bookmarks in appropriate books. Those with titles like… “Buying Your First Home” or “Decorating on a Budget.” Always leave your bookmark in any books YOU borrow from the library and return.
  2. Local Bookstores – Check with the owner to see if you can leave a stack of your bookmarks on their counter, or offer to provide enough to include in the bag with any purchase. If one owner declines, try the next one! Don’t forget the second-hand bookstores.
  3. Book Clubs – Seek out the leaders of local reading clubs and book groups and offer to provide them with bookmarks. You may be surprised how welcome such a gift will be.
  4. Schools – Offer a stack of your bookmarks to the local school library. Children who read will use the bookmarks and will carry them home. It’s a great way to reach new audiences with your contact information.
  5. Gift Books – One of the most wonderful things to share with family, friends and even clients, is a great book. If you give books as gifts (or even if you give giftcards to local bookstores as gifts), tucking one of your beautiful bookmarks inside is a nice touch that will be appreciated by any avid reader.

Stay tuned for more ideas on how to create interesting bookmarks and to market yourself with custom real estate bookmarks!