How to Craft a Truly Effective Real Estate Business Card

Crafting a truly effective real estate business card is a strategic endeavor. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for you) far too many real estate agents out there just slap something together and go to print. They don’t give strategic construct of their business card near enough thought investment.

Here is where Best Print Buy can shine for you, today! Today, we will talk about strategically crafted, affordable, and most importantly effective real estate business cards that you can put to revenue-generating use in mere days.

Real Estate Business Card – Stick to the Main Points

There is not enough space on your future business card to include everything that you would like. Remember having to write school papers that limited the number of words that you were allowed to include? This limitation made the assignment much tougher than having an unlimited word count. Well, the same is true here. The fewer words the better but every word on the card must be impactful. To do otherwise will mean that you are passing a research project to your contacts, one that makes them dig for information and conclusions. So, what you should do first is to imagine the blank card. Then, try to decide the most important details you must put there. Here are some ideas you can consider.

Showcase Your Logo First

A logo is a visual representation of a company. Simply, when you think about a company, what comes first? In most cases, it’s the logo. So, you should make sure that you put your logo everywhere and in the right way. Place your logo in the bottom-right part of the business card. This is a hot position (also described as a power position) of your business card. 90% of real estate business cards will have the business logo at the top-left. This is not the place for it. Something much more important should be placed in the top left.

Professional Headshot for Real Estate Business Card

You guessed it. This is where your likeness is placed. When a prospect mulls over a stack of business cards, he or she is looking for you but can’t remember your name. They certainly remember your face, and that is what they are scanning for. Make it easy for them to find you.

Contact Information

There is no need to have a business card if you don’t have contact information there. The main thing is, you should put your contact information in the right location, in the place that is easily visible. Don’t forget to include: your name (personal and company name), phone number, email address, website, and social media URL.

The Big Takeaway:

The most important thing: you shouldn’t forget that your card must communicate to the recipient that this card represents a standout real estate professional. What does it say about your work? Is the card in the right shape, or could you make it more appropriate for your business? Moreover, don’t forget to use high-quality material for it. As the quality of your work matters, so does the quality of your business card.

Let’s work together to get you a Coldwell Banker real estate business card that will be both effective and one you will be proud of. Contact Best Print Buy.