Real Estate Door Hanger: Shoe Leather Marketing Really Works!

“Shoe Leather Marketing” simply refers to personally getting out to meet the people living within your target market. While distributing your real estate door hangers, you are going to personally converse and establish a relationship with a significant number of prospects. For those you don’t encounter personally, a well-designed door hanger will serve to establish contact and potential for future business relationships.

We’ll help you strategically design your real estate door hangers. This marketing strategy continues to be employed by the most successful agents in your area and you can and should follow their lead. Take a moment to learn how good old fashioned door hanger marketing can make a big difference in your real estate business’ profitability.

Regarding the design of your real estate door hangers keep in mind that prospects often do not know what makes one real estate agent better than the next. Your door hanger design must be crafted with an intent to answer that question for them. Highlighting one or two things on your door hanger that answers the question “why choose me?”. When marketing you and your business, communicate with specifics about how you have proven to maximize buyer’s and seller’s interests. Avoid bombarding your audience with too much information on the door hanger. Many agents make this mistake and turn their door hanger into a hard to read textbook. That invites disinterest. Keep it simple and hard hitting.

Here at, we are your one-stop real estate marketing supply shop. Today’s focus is upon real estate door hanger marketing, but don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any real estate marketing campaign need.