Real Estate Marketing Flags – “Open” New Sales Opportunities

Greetings to all you Coldwell Banker agents seeking profitable marketing products. You might recall our recent blog post outlining our Coldwell Banker Real Estate Business Cards product line and how they can help build your business. Today’s post offers an “integrated marketing” consultation that we hope you consider.  The basic goal of this blog post is to help you  strategically integrate your various real estate marketing products and strategies.

So, you’ve worked hard to educate yourself and be prepared to put forth a great argument why you should be choses as the prospect’s selling or buying agent.  Your experienced, well studied,  look good, and have a professional business card. Now you need to maximize your exposure to the buying and selling public.  We have an idea for you to increase exposure and foot traffic at your next “open house”.  Make “real estate “Open” flag marketing” as a staple of your strategic real estate business marketing strategy.

Professional real estate agents know that “open houses” are not always well advertised. You might be working a open house that got scarce advertisement. Too often, through no fault of your own, you fell victim to working a showing that is essentially invisible to the public.  But you can correct that. Real estate “Open” flag marketing” makes your showing an obvious invitation to all those who pass.  This sets you up for “target of opportunity” business development as people passing by stumble upon you and your opportunity. . 

We can help you design an integrated and strategic marketing system for you and your real estate business.  Visit or call us at (866)-763-8720 anytime!