Happy Holiday Real Estate Greeting Card Marketing: You’ve Still Got Time!

It is more than common practice for real estate professionals to send personal Holiday greetings to current and former clients, future prospective clients, and to all those who helped contribute to your business success. There is still time to execute your 2021 Keller Williams Holiday gift card marketing campaign and to once again put you and your business in a favorable light.

We’ll expedite your order, get them delivered, and still provide you ample time to communicate write a short (but highly personal) note of thanks to those who all likely to serve your business and personal interests going forward. This is the best time of year to communicate personal notes as hearts and minds are generally open this time of year. The recipients of your real estate greeting cards will come to understand that you are truly a caring and consummate professional to be trusted again and again in the future.

Holidays are the time of the year where people reflect and take stock on the totality of what was the 2021 calendar year. This marketing campaign empowers you to fall into a favorable light as they reflect upon you and your services and the positive impact that you had on them.

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