Century 21 Real Estate Every Door Direct Mail Campaigns: Get New Listings Now!

Century 21 Real Estate Direct Mail campaigns work! How do we know this you might ask? It’s very simple. The most successful Century 21 real estate professionals return to BestPrintBuy repeatedly for all their real estate direct mail marketing campaigns.

Make mailing lists a thing of the past with on-target, on-budget EDDM real estate postcards. With the USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail program, you can select your target area by city, street name, or zip code, and deliver to every house along the mailing route. We offer a huge selection of customizable real estate EDDM postcards that meet the requirements of the program. All you have to do is choose a style you like, customize your message, and take your cards to the post office once they arrive.

As always, we encourage you to talk to and duplicate the best practices of the most successful Century 21 agents in your area. If you survey them you will find that the vast majority (if not all) of those agents actively include direct mail postcard marketing as part of their real estate business strategy. And we’re willing, able, and ready to provide you with the highest quality marketing products at the most valued pricing anywhere!

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