REAL ESTATE: EDDM Postcards The Smartest Strategy

real estate postcardsBeing a real estate professional demands rock solid time management skills. A most challenging aspect of your profession, as you well know, is the volume of off-hour work. Since people buying and selling homes have regular day jobs, they are often not available during normal business hours. They often are only available to work with you in the evenings or weekends. This means you have to work while your friends and family are off. So, you marketing strategy must involve ways for you to maximize your reach during the work week so that you can maximize your weekends with family and friends. One way to do this is to include Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postcards within your overall marketing strategy. you will still enjoy your weekend at the same time your postcards mailed out are working for you.

Direct mail postcards are a first-rate affordable tool for real estate marketing. It is a highly effective channel for realtors. The postcards combined with EDDM will get your information in front of your targeted prospective buyers efficiently. Mailing postcards to clients which are all your target buyers will keep your name in their list every time home buying is on their agenda. Another way of implementing the latest update in technology for EDDM postcards is by adding quick response codes where you will lead your potential buyer to other areas for possible business opportunities like your own website or a quick dial to a phone number that they will talk to someone as quickly as possible for inquiry.

Once the real estate EDDM postcards are designed and your marketing plan is in place, you simply drop off the postcards at the nearest post office. Always remember to choose your drop date up to 30 days in advance of your advertised events so your target audience has time to plan. The most successful real estate agents testify that EDDM is a fundamentally important part of their business strategy.

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