Holiday Keller Williams Marketing Options to Finish the Year Off Strong

Are you starting to panic that you’re running out of time to get your holiday real estate marketing off the ground? While a bit of apprehension is totally understandable, given that there have been Christmas wreaths on the shelves since at least mid-October, the reality is that there’s still plenty of time to make a plan for your holiday marketing.

This is a great time to remind clients you worked with this year how just much you appreciated their business, or to let prospects know that you’re looking forward to helping them with their real estate needs in the coming year. BestPrintBuy has plenty of product options to suit every target market:

Seasonal / Season’s Greetings

Promotional items with a seasonal message are an excellent choice to have on hand. “Happy holidays” and “Season’s greetings” messages are valuable for sending appropriate wishes to prospects and clients who don’t celebrate Christmas, and seasonal winter-themed cards allow you to follow up in January and February as well.

Keller Williams “Happy Holidays” postcards

Keller Williams winter postcards

Keller Williams holiday greeting cards

Keller Williams winter greeting cards

Keller Williams winter door hangers

Keller Williams “Happy Holidays” door hangers


For contacts who celebrate Christmas, a warm holiday card is the perfect touch. Whether you’re sending out postcards to most of the people on your list, or greeting cards to a select few, BestPrintBuy has great deals on Keller Williams Christmas products:

Keller Williams “Merry Christmas” postcards

Keller Williams Christmas greeting cards

Keller Williams Christmas door hangers

New Year

There’s always a sense of celebration and an air of a fresh start around the new year. Let everyone on your mailing list know that you’ll be there to help with all their real estate needs in the year to come:

Keller Williams New Years postcards

Keller Williams New Years greeting cards

Keller Williams New Years door hangers