3 Steps to Stage Your Website

Staging your websiteWhen your clients are ready to sell a house, you encourage them to declutter, right? You tell them that buyers will walk away from a messy house. Likewise, potential clients will walk away from a Real Estate website that is cluttered, difficult to navigate, and confusing.

  1. Declutter your pages. People want to see what you know. Don’t hide your skills; don’t bury them in a messy site.
  2. Simplify and streamline your navigation. More is not better. Group your information logically. Keep your sidebars clear and select fonts that are easy to read at a glance. Keep it simple.
  3. Check for broken links and create a custom 404 page. Like a house that’s not properly maintained, broken links not only frustrate your visitors, they lower the effectiveness of your website and damage your SEO/SEM.

Tending to your website is like staging a house. Keep it clean, simple, and useful — while ensuring it has excellent “curb appeal.” That will make all the difference!

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