A Formula for Press Releases

Public-RelationsIt is relatively easy to write a press release, once you know the formula. In a previous blog post, BestPrintBuy.com explored how press release can secure positive attention for a business.

Press Release Template

Each press release follows a basic structure, template or formula. At the top of a press release, put “for immediate release.” This alerts the media that the press release is time sensitive. Include the name and phone number of the person to contact for more information.

Create a short headline. Then, add the date and city and state.




Date (City, State)–

First Paragraph

Start out with the basic facts and information. Make sure that all of your important information is in the first paragraph, because some people will not read the whole press release. In the first paragraph, answer the questions, “who, what, where, when, why, and how.” If you send a press release via traditional mail, attach a few copies of your real estate business card.

Second Paragraph

The second paragraph should give additional details. Many people will just scan through a press release, so keep it short and simple. Most press releases are only one page long. Consider adding bullets to keep the information brief.

A Bit More Detail

In the third paragraph, offer more information. Perhaps a quote from the business or person you are promoting. For instance, a real estate agency that is announcing the addition of a new employee may include a quote from the manager. Again, the rule is to keep the quote concise.

One Page is Best

A good press release will not be longer than one page, so if you choose to have a fourth paragraph, then put the least important information at the end.


All press releases end with a tagline, which is a description of the company. The tagline should always be the same, such as:

XX Real Estate, an independently-owned and operated real estate firm with offices in XX town, was founded in XX year and has since built a reputation as a local leader in the real estate industry. With more than XX qualified, experienced Realtors®on staff, the company offers individualized, quality service to a wide variety of customers throughout the XX area. For more information about XX Real Estate, please call the (phone number); or visit the company website at XX . 


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