Farming Postcards: Keeping in Touch With Your People


Postcard Farming Campaign for Real Estate AgentsUnlike general postcard marketing, a real estate farming postcard campaign is intended to deepen an existing relationship with potential, current and past clients. Keep your farming list up to date and send out regular farming postcards to economically “show your stuff” to those you want to hire you — again or for the first time.

People who already know you are going to be more likely to spend time with your postcard marketing pieces… so be sure you give them something of value. Something THEY want and something you need them to know. Don’t fall victim to a boring farming “strategy” and lose the ground you have gained with this premium group of potential clients.

Offer them information. That’s what they really want. Consider using these topics:

  1. Mistakes most sellers make
  2. Important general real estate news and trends
  3. Real estate statistics that reflect the local real estate market
  4. Buyers beware information (things to avoid when buying a home)
  5. Things most real estate agents won’t tell you
  6. How to avoid foreclosure
  7. Seasonal home maintenance checklists (you are providing an important — and free — reminder service!)
  8. How to protect your real estate investment
  9. The top three best buys in the local market for first time buyers
  10. Real-world comparisons between the cost of renting per month and the cost of buying a home at the current interest rates for equivalent square footage in the local market (including the tax benefits and pride of ownership!)

When farming your list with postcard marketing, you are taking an existing relationship and deepening it. You are proving that you have useful information to share with them and that you are a trusted and knowledgeable resource. You should also conclude with a short, definitive call to action. Perhaps you will offer to give them more information on the monthly postcard topic if they call. You can direct them to your website for a more detailed article or have them email you for an expansive report “package” on the local market scene — the idea is to encourage contact with you, your website and your services.

At Best Print Buy, we can make your farming postcards easy to design, inexpensive to print, and easy to deliver so you can concentrate on your clients and building your business!