Building Connections to Build Your Real Estate Business

Are you ready to ramp up your real estate business? Whether you’ve been in the industry for one year or 25, you’re probably no stranger to networking. After all, real estate is a highly personal business, and any strategy that lets you build referrals is a valuable tool in your arsenal.

But while Chamber of Commerce mixers and small business meetups are all great places to get out and mingle, they’re not the only ways to build connections and truly build your business. If you want to really take your networking game to the next level, here are a couple of tips:

Go where the people are

General purpose networking events are great, but it’s important to focus on people in roles where they will be able to pass along a good deal of business. Think mortgage lenders, landlord associations, property investing groups, property management companies, etc. These are the kinds of people who should always have a stack of your real estate business cards ready to hand out!

Treat your connections like leads

When you’re trying to turn a lead into a prospect – or into an active client – you wouldn’t contact them once and then never follow up again. A great networking connection can be far more valuable than a single sale; they can result in regular referrals year after year. If you want to cultivate your connections, you have to stay in touch. Stay connected through one-on-one meetings, connecting at other networking events, and even by sending out referral postcards and other marketing materials.

Be a part of the cycle

Getting referrals from people who are connected to your prospects is a great thing, but don’t forget about the other half of the coin. Put together a real estate document folder full of resources that you can refer your clients to: handyman services, staging companies, interior designers, home inspectors, mortgage lenders, movers,  landscapers, and more. Not only will you maintain a good reputation in your networking circles, but your clients will appreciate the help, as well.

In business, it can often be all about who you know. So the more people you know, the more your business can grow.