How to Write a Thank You Note in 10 Easy Steps

How to write a thank you noteYou already have your personalized stationery, you just had a wonderful interaction with a client (or a potential client) and you would like to do something to show your appreciation.

Why should you write a thank you note?

  • You sincerely appreciate something
  • You want to add that “personal touch” to your business reactions
  • You want this person to remember you long after today

Writing a thank you note should be a five minute job, so don’t let it worry you. These are the 10 quick and easy steps to an effective and appreciated thank you note:

  1. Hand write the note (Because handwritten notes are rare, it will stand out.)
  2. Hand address the envelope (This will get it opened amid the stack of bills and ads.)
  3. Use a real stamp (Yes, they may cost more than your metered mail, but it’s worth the extra to make your correspondence stand out)
  4. Use a proper salutation (However you addressed them when interacting face-to-face is the correct form, whether you used “Mr. Smith” or “Joe”)
  5. Tell them why you are writing (Be specific here)
  6. Mention something personal you learned or noticed during your interaction (This will strengthen the bond between you and the individual you are writing and can be done in the body of the note or as a P.S.)
  7. Offer to help (This is a delicate “call to action” and can be general or specific, based on the situation.)
  8. Enclose your business card (Boost your marketing and ensure that even if they already HAVE a business card, they will associate your note with you.)
  9. Make the closing personal, if possible (“Sincerely” is so overused and tired. Try something different, original, personal or thoughtful)
  10. Send it immediately (Timing matters on Thank You notes. The sooner you get them out, the more effective they are — and the less likely you are to forget to send them.)

Want an example of how this all comes together? Here you go:

Dear Susan –

It was lovely to meet you today. Thank you for the opportunity to show you the Gossett Street House. I’ve looked through the listings for a house that’s similar, but with a bigger back yard and a walk in pantry.

There’s one on Jones Avenue that may be more to your liking and I’d welcome the opportunity to show it to you. Just give me a call at your convenience if you would like to see it. I’ll enclose my business card.

I hope to talk to you again soon,

Jane Agent

PS: Wish Sarah well on the tennis competition this weekend! She’s such a nice young lady.

It will take about five minutes to go from blank card to a signed, sealed, stamped and addressed handwritten note. This is one of those things that everyone appreciates and few people do. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition!