How to Leave a Lasting Impression with Handwritten Notes

Finding the time to be thoughtful

Handwritten notes for real estate clients for big marketing impact

Writing is quickly becoming a lost art. Writing by hand is nearly extinct.

Texting shortcuts and scannable online phrases and bullet points have joined voice mails as the primary form of daily communication. Throw in a few hastily typed-up emails and you have a barren communication landscape devoid of style and grace.

When something becomes rare, like handwritten notes on personalized stationery, it immediately increases in both real and perceived value. So, writing, even a short note, by hand makes you and what you have to say more valuable to the recipient. Taking five minutes to hand write a note will pay huge benefits. We can show you how! Read on…

Bring writing back into style: Your style!

Use the rarity of a handwritten note to your business advantage. Create relationships, not just one-time sales. Something as simple as a quick note can result in more referrals and will make you memorable to your past, current and existing clients.

A few sentences and a stamp make a huge impression, but if you’re shy about writing, here are a few sample “quick notes” to get you started…

Jan –

It was a pleasure showing you the houses on 123 West Main and 456 Fern Drive today. I know you are at the beginning of your search and hope you find the house that fits you perfectly.

I’ll see if I can find you a couple more with the features you want in the price range you desire and I’ll call you to set up a time that’s convenient.

Thanks again for an enjoyable afternoon,
John R. Agent

Sue –

Thank you for recommending me to your cousin. She’s delightful! I believe that I can help her find a cabin in the woods nearby. I’m lucky I have a job that helps people make their dreams come true and I’m blessed to have clients like you.

Enjoy the weekend,
Sally R. Agent

Mark –

I’ve contacted a realtor in Denver, Sarah Jones, for you. I’ve enclosed her business card. She is currently looking for a home to meet your needs and will call you when she finds a few worth flying out to see.
I’m sorry to be losing you here in Athens, but congratulate you on your promotion!

Feel free to share my contact information with your friends, or your family in the this area. If you decide to move back at some point in the future, I’d love the opportunity to help you find a place to call home.

Safe journeys,
Robert Agent

Dear Sam –

You mentioned that you liked Thai food the other day and I wanted to share my favorite local haunt — Pad Thai on Regency Lane. Their number is 123-456-7890 and they deliver to your new home’s address!

(The pineapple curry is particularly good — not too hot, not too sweet.)

Hope the unpacking is going well!
George Agent

Pay attention to what your clients say about their interests, concerns and needs. Take a few notes and use that information to generate quick, personal, handwritten communication in a matter of seconds.

Share your best “quick note” ideas for others in the comments section. We welcome all ideas!