Magnetic NotePads

Need an inexpensive real estate marketing tool that you know your clients will be happy to receive? Show your clients how much you care ā€“ and unleash the power of reciprocity ā€“ with these attractive and useful magnetic real estate notepads. The best marketing tools are ones that clients love to receive, and magnetic notepads definitely fit the bill. Whether they hang on a fridge, rest on a desk, or get tossed in a briefcase or purse, you'll be assured that your clients think of you every time they use the notepad. And with the Peel N' Stick adhesive liner, your contact details will always be close at hand!

At 8.5" by 3.5", real estate notepads from BestPrintBuy offer a generous amount of space to write, but are still compact enough to be portable. The peel n' stick design ensures your business card will remain securely attached for the life of the notepad. And with multiple layout options for every notepad (blank, grid, standard lined, to do lists, and shopping lists), you can give out a different customized notepad every couple of months.