Personalized Note Cards for Real Estate Marketing

Add the Personal Touch to Your Real Estate Promotional Plan

In the age of digital immediacy, a culture of impatience and rampant social networking, what leaves a lasting impression? A quick automated email? I "like" on someone's social networking wall? Texting? No, not really. What are the best personal promotion ideas?

A few sentences hand-written and sent with an actual stamp may be rocking it old school, but it's unexpected. It's unique these days. Value is found in that which is rare and personal communication with your real estate clients is the height of effective, memorable personal promotion.

  • Go the extra mile. Once you have your personalized note cards, don't merely write a few lines by hand, select a really smooth writing pen with a lush, rich shade of ink. Consider coordinating your ink with your logo colors, if you don't want a classic blue or black ink.

  • There should be no computer-printed addresses on your envelopes and no metered mail going out as personalized correspondence. Be sure the envelope is hand addressed with a traditional stamp if you want a guarantee that the card will be opened. Who can resist opening a letter hand addressed with a real stamp? Can you? I didn't think so.

  • Do tuck in one of your real estate business cards too, but realize it's the hand-written sentence or two that will separate you from the crowd and help your real estate promotion efforts rise above the others. What Realtor® takes the time to do such things? You do.

  • Order your professional, personalized real estate notecards today and we will have them to you in record time.