REAL ESTATE DOOR HANGER CAMPAIGNS: Tools of the Most Successful Agents

Real estate door hanger marketing works! In the real estate business, there are some who recognize the most productive marketing strategies and those that don’t. Those that “get it” employ real estate door hangers within their business marketing strategy.

The positive returns on your real estate door hanger campaigns can be measured, and should be. Consider advertising a unique phone number or web site URL that uniquely ties your new lead conversion to this campaign. In fact you should use unique identifiers in all your marketing campaigns to identify those that produce your best return on marketing investment. We tell you that real estate hangers work because we receive feedback from our customers who track their hanger campaigns in this fashion. They keep coming back for more.

Being consistent in your door hanger strategy is key. When we say “consistent” we mean consistently seek messaging on each and every new door hanger campaign that promotes new “why me” messaging. Promote your successes “Listed and Sold Address X Above Market Value!” and “Company X Agent of the Month” are value propositions you can and should communicate. These are things that set you apart.

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