Your Most Effective Marketing Tool: Customer Service

Buyers and sellers’ alike value, above all things, good customer service. They want to know that you are fully invested in their cause, both financially and mentally. You know who among your competition is truly standing out in this regard, and you know who among your competition is lazy and not fully invested. Learn from those around you who are fully invested in this highly competitive industry. Good customer service is infectious and leads to customer loyalty that pays dividends down the road. So just a couple of points here:

1) Treat your customer as a friend however you have to maintain professional boundaries at all times. Building a cordial and friendly relationship will help build rapport and mutual respect with the clients. In dealing with home buyers, talking to them with the purpose of understanding their vision of what a dream home is and their financial limitations will surely help in the negotiation.

2) Be an expert in your field. It is better to show your expertise on the broad market and property knowledge that will enable to assist clients from different sectors in society. Most information deals with property fees, rules, financing and legal regulations. Being knowledgeable on the local market and effective negotiation skills is required in order to obtain a property at the best price.

3) Respond to customer inquiries as soon as possible. Nothing beats any sales strategy that an immediate response. As the saying goes, time is money. Be easily accessible either in person or through mobile communication all the time. Whatever strategy you wish to apply, always take note most of the customers stay in business due to positive customer service experience. Indeed chances are in your favor.

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