When To Send Direct Mail Real Estate Postcards?

For many real estate agents, the direct mail postcard tactic never get out of style. Tangible postcards especially those that are perfectly-designed are likely to be kept by prospects or pass along to others. If you intend to pitch sales or promote your company in a subtle way, real estate postcards can do the trick. It’s a great stuff for marketing and can be used for multiple purposes.

There are many occasions or instances wherein you can use personalized real estate postcards to reach out or send message to current clients and prospects.

  1. Marketing your services to potential buyers.
  2. When you want to appeal to home sellers and inform them about your services to expedite the selling process.
  3. When hosting an open house event and you need to spread the word
  4. Promoting new listings and showcasing just sold properties.
  5. Thanking previous clients for referring you to other people.
  6. When providing home-making tips and recommendation on how to prepare homes during every change of season.
  7. Sending holiday or birthday greetings to clients.

Grab every opportunity where you can send out your postcards. Whatever its purpose, you can always jive your marketing details in a most refined way. Just make sure to craft it beautifully and make your message is simple and sincere to make sure they won’t end up to the bin,

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