4 Unexpected Ways to Make Spring Real Estate Marketing Fun

After a long winter, it can be challenging to get yourself psyched up again to market your real estate business. After all, an afternoon at the park or on the golf course sounds a lot more fun than planning another postcard mailing campaign if the weather is just starting to get nice again!


If you’d like to change up your real estate marketing and make it a bit more interesting, here are four fun ideas to shake things up a bit and make a splash in the market:

  1. Hit it out of the park

From pee wee to beer leagues to MLB, spring is officially baseball season. And while Century 21 baseball schedules are a great way to get your name in front of prospects all season long, they’re not the only way to market with spring sports. Sponsoring a pee wee or beer league team is a great way to both get your name out and build up goodwill in the local community.

  1. Get theatrical

If you’ve got a neighborhood you’re looking to break into, putting an ad in the program for the spring play can be a great way to get noticed by parents. You can go with a simple image of your Century 21 business card for consistent branding, or go all out with a fun themed ad.

  1. Celebrate the season

Easter is coming up on Sunday, April 21. What better way to celebrate the season than to go door-knocking in a hot neighborhood with spring-themed goody bags? Pack a business card and a marshmallow rabbit in a brightly colored bag, and get some face time in with high-value prospects.

  1. Connect with your inner animal lover

Have a soft spot for four-legged creatures? Pairing up with a local pet store or veterinarian can be a great way to get in front of a crowd of animal-loving prospects. Try sponsoring part of a pet store’s adoption day, or leaving doggie bags with a bone and a Century 21 business card at the local vet offices.