Direct Mail Helps Realtors Acquire Listings

The seller’s market has created challenges for more than just would-be buyers. Local realtors are struggling to keep up with demand for homes as buyers scramble to look for homes on the market.

Some realtors have developed innovative ways to drum up additional home listings: direct mail.

Printing companies can provide marketing, design and printing services for realtors, to develop direct mail campaigns that blanket all the residences in selected neighborhoods. These direct mail pieces could show testimonials of satisfied customers who’ve recently sold their homes. This helps existing homeowners do the same.

Best Print Buy can help create your direct mail campaigns based on your specific demographic parameters so you can send mail to residences.

Like other types of marketing, direct mail lets realtors cost effectively reach potential buyers. Because of the lean housing market, many realtors have almost doubled the amount of direct mail pieces they are sending in hopes of finding homes to put on the market.

Realtors and agencies tend see the best results when they combine several different marketing efforts. For more information on direct mail for realtors, contact Best Print Buy.