Direct Mail Campaigns Offer Many Options

There are many different options and designs when it comes to a direct-mail campaign. Finding the right format for you and your real estate business is critical to the success of your campaign. Below are some of the most popular mail formats.

1. Letter package. This is the most common format as a basic letter package. It consists of a letter, a brochure, and an envelope. Sometimes, there’s a lift note included. A lift note is a little note (perhaps 6 x 9 inches) that looks very personal, this can be used to mention open houses or recent neighborhood sales.

2. Self-mailer. Self-mailers are very versatile, and there are a variety of ways you can use them. They’re mailed just like a magazine and there a many types.

3. Direct Mail Postcard. This is the least expensive type of direct-mail piece. Postcards are like self-mailers but with far less copy. The benefit is that the consumer will immediately see your offer, brand or message instead of having to open an envelope first. Your prospect can read the headline and see what the message is at a glance.

5. Dimensional mail. Dimensional mail is the best option if you want to mail something that’s really going to stand out in the mailbox. Dimensional mail gets people’s attention.

Dimensional mail has a much higher opening rate than traditional direct mail. A mail package with something lumpy inside will spark the curiosity of the person receiving it.

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