The one thing you must do in 2018 to boost your Century 21 real estate business

Want to build a booming real estate business? There’s a lot you can do to ensure your success: marketing, networking, continuing education, building referral partnerships. But there’s one thing that is absolutely key if you want your real estate business to thrive in 2018 and beyond:

Follow through.

It may be a simple thing, but it can make a huge difference in your business. Following through means keeping your word, and demonstrating your integrity, from the very first interaction you have with a prospect. And as a practical matter, it’s also a great way to ensure that you can nurture leads through the long life-cycle of a typical real estate transaction.

If you’ve got good follow-through, you can be assured you’ll get more out of every referral you receive and every real estate marketing campaign you conduct. Here’s what that might look like throughout the year:

  • When you hold a real estate open house, you’re probably already collecting information from the people who attend. But are you really following up and treating each of those people as potential buyers? It can be as simple as reaching out with a quick phone call, email, or text to find out what they thought of the house and whether they have any additional real estate needs. Sure, most people will be just looking, but for those who are truly in the market for a new home, your willingness to follow through and check up on their needs will be hugely impressive.
  • When you do a real estate door hanger campaign and go door-to-door connecting with potential prospects, a pleasant conversation can feel like a big win. But don’t stop there; following up with any initial connections you made will not only strengthen the growing trust the prospect has in you, but can also strengthen your reputation in the neighborhood (particularly given the rise of apps like Nextdoor, where people often share stories about who is going door-to-door).
  • When you’re at a networking event, focus less on handing out your Century 21 business card to as many people as possible, and more on having as many real connections as you can. When you have a genuine conversation with someone, make sure to get their business card, and follow through after the meeting. You’re much more likely to get ongoing referrals from someone who’s developed a connection with you than with someone who was handed your business card essentially at random.

Here at BestPrintBuy, we believe in follow through and in being true to your word. That’s why our customer care team is always here to help with your questions. You can reach us at or by calling us toll-free at 1-866-763-8720.