Does your real estate marketing position you as a neighborhood expert?

This just in: real estate experts predict that when it comes to selling houses, location matters!

Ok, that’s hardly new information. But the truth is that over the past several years, the rise of HGTV and the reduced buying power of the younger generation has meant that for those who could afford to buy houses, granite countertops and garden tubs have been more of a focus than the house’s general location.

However, that trend is starting to see a reversal. Of course, move-in ready homes with great upgrades are always going to be a hot commodity. But newer efforts like the recent Trulia “The House is Only Half of It” campaign focus on the importance of looking at neighborhood fit when you’re searching for a new home, indicating that buyers are starting to emphasize the big picture.

Positioning yourself as a neighborhood expert is a great way to capitalize on a growing trend and give your next marketing campaign a boost. This positioning can be overt, like sending out an agent introduction postcard or re-designing your real estate business card to label yourself as a “Neighborhood Expert”.

A more subtle approach can also be effective. When you make your initial contact with a client, don’t start right away by asking them about the kind of house they’re looking for. Instead, ask about their lifestlye: how far do they want to commute to work? Do they want to be able to walk their kids to school or to the park? Do they like having vibrant nightlife close by?

Once you have an idea of what kind of life your clients want to lead, you’ll be able to present them with specific neighborhoods that will be a good match. That step alone will make narrowing down their search for the right home much less overwhelming – and make you a hero in your clients’ eyes!