5 Common Myths about Century 21 Business Cards – Debunked

The humble business card – it’s a staple of every real estate agent’s marketing plan, whether it’s being handed out at a Chamber of Commerce event or tucked into a document folder during a close.

But if you’ve had the same card for quite a while (or you’re just getting started in real estate), you may not realize just how many options you have. Have these 5 real estate business card myths been holding you back?

Myth 1: Business cards have to have a white background. Sure, there are some people who swear by a white background, whether because they like the clean look or because they want the option to write a message on the card. But if that’s not you, then you don’t have to limit yourself to a colorless card. Our Century 21 business cards come with a huge variety of background options, from abstract yellow and black to urban cityscapes, beautiful houses, and a number of natural vistas.

Myth 2: Real estate cards should always include a photo. It may be the single most contested topic when it comes to real estate business cards. And while a Century 21 silhouette card offers a great modern take on the classic photo card, there’s no reason that you have to have a headshot on your business card if you don’t want one – leaving it off gives you more space for contact info or a QR code, among other things.

Myth 3: Business cards are serious business. Business cards may help you bring in serious business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them. Your business card should reflect your personality, and draw in the kinds of prospects you want to work with. If you’d like to stand out with an ultra-modern square business card, or show off your more whimsical side with one of our unique Century 21 WOW! business cards, it will only make you more memorable.

Myth 4: All real estate business cards look alike. We debunked this a bit with the last myth, but even if you’re not talking about changes in size with a square card or a mini business card, the truth is that these days there is a ton of variety available when it comes to real estate cards. In addition to design elements, you can change the physical card by adding rounded corners, emphasizing important information with foil or glossy raised print, or using extra heavyweight card stock for a richer feel. When it comes to customizing your card, the sky is the limit.

Myth 5: One person = one business card. With all of these design options, why limit yourself to a single business card? You wouldn’t send a single postcard to market to both buyers and sellers, so why not refine your in-person networking with custom Century 21 business cards that speaks to different aspects of your target market?