Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Century 21 Property Marketing Postcard Campaign

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Make your Century 21 Property Marketing Post Cards stand out from the crowd

Are you ready to set yourself up for success with postcard marketing? Postcards are a popular real estate marketing tool because they’re efficient and cost-effective – as long as you set up your campaign correctly. If you’re ready to take the leap, here are four do’s and don’t to help you get started:

  • DO target your campaign carefully. You should already know who your ideal clients are; now you need to make sure that you’re sending them the right message. If you’re sending out a Century 21 “Just Listed” postcard with one of your most luxurious new listings, focus the mailing on areas with a high average income. If you’re sending out a batch of “Price Reduced” postcards in the hopes of a quick sale, aim for areas with higher concentrations of renters.
  • DON’T go overboard with pictures. It’s harder for the recipient to focus on any one thing if the postcard is overcrowded with images. Choose a simple, clean design and two to three of the property’s most striking photos. If people are interested, they’ll go online to see more pictures.
  • DO get personal. “Hyperlocal” isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a fact – people care the most about the areas that are closest to them. Tailor your Century 21 Proof of Production and Market Activity postcards so that they focus narrowly on your target areas. Potential buyers will see that you know the neighborhood well, and potential sellers will see that you get results.
  • DON’T forget your call to action. Just sending out a picture of a nice house won’t cut it. You have to have a message for your recipients, and an action you want them to take. The action is simple: you want them to get in touch. Depending on what works best for your ideal client, that might mean asking them to give you a call, send you a text or email, or visit your website or Facebook page. But you also need to provide a reason – why should they get in touch with you? Is it to schedule a showing? To learn more about first-time home ownership? To see how you can help them sell their own home? These are all very different messages, and all great reasons for someone to contact you. But if you don’t give them a reason, you won’t get the call.

If you have questions about the design options for your next Century 21 Postcard campaign, the BestPrintBuy design team can help. Give us a call at 1.866.763.8720, and we’ll help you get started.